Accela Case Study


When the expansion project materialized, Accela seized the opportunity to make significant changes both visually and in work style. “We purposefully made a paradigm shift in how the office would work,” explained Darrell Lewis, Vice President, Product Management at Accela. “We wanted the fundamental guiding principles for the space to be fun, collaborative and much more open than the typical office space in the business park where we’re located.”

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Remix Idea and Concept


Some chairs are all that they seem at first glance and some are decidedly more. In the case of the new Remix chair, a quick look doesn’t allow enough time to recognize its many features.

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The Influence of Design on the Learning Environment


For some, it’s a chance to be part of tradition. For others, it’s the lure of sports and student life. And of course, for many, academics trump all. While every prospective student has their own criteria for choosing a college, chances are they were at least partially influenced by the campus physical environment.

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What’s Good for People? Moving From Wellness to Well-Being


Like our planet’s resources, human resources are not infinite. They are not even abundant. In fact, good talent is becoming less abundant all the time. In the wake of the Great Recession, employees are bummed out, burned out and stressed out. While asking them to do more with less may have constituted a survival strategy over the past several years, it is neither sustainable nor in the organization’s best interest in the long run.

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